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Life-Changing Tips and Advice Below...

From: Michael Lee


Dear Friend,

This is it!

I'm about to reveal some of the most powerful communication and conversational secrets you can use to instantly connect with anyone and be an irresistible people magnet, courtesy of top communication expert Joshua Uebergang.

So drop everything you're doing and pay special attention... because your relationships, social life, business life and career could very well depend on the information I'm about to share with you.

I guarantee that after reading this letter, you will come out a much better communicator than you were before reading this. Are you ready? Let's start with a lesson on criticizing...

Many people despise criticism; but did you know that criticism is a useful tool when delivered at the right time, in the right way, because of the technique's importance in shaping our behavior and encouraging personal growth?

The Ultimate Secret of Giving Criticism

The ultimate secret of giving criticism is being indirect. “Dress up” your criticism so the receiver realizes the mistake on his or her own terms. Camouflage your criticism in a form that makes people discover what needs to be corrected and how changing their behavior will benefit themselves.

Do not criticize a person in front of others and do not give ultimatums.

When criticizing, keep your nonverbal expressions to a minimum or ensure you have positive facial expressions. More specifically, keep your eyebrows raised, be physically close to the person, direct your body to face the person, soften your voice, and keep pleasant facial expressions.

Use padded words. Soften your criticism with words like: “I feel”, “I think”, and “maybe”. Softening helps reduce your possible exaggeration of the problem.

On the other hand, there's praising. We all love to be praised! But do you know how to do it properly?

The Most Powerful Tip To Remember When Giving Praise

The most powerful tip you need to keep in mind when giving praise is to avoiding praising the person and instead praise a person's behavior.

Give emotionally focused praise. We are creatures of emotion. Anything focused on emotion, instead of logic, will attract more eyes and attention.

Throughout each day you have the opportunity to praise others. Use the technique of little recognitions by saying, “Well done”, “Congratulations”, and “That was excellent” when such praise is deserved.

However, do not praise everyday even though you have the opportunity to praise everyday. Excessive consumption of sweet-talk decays the mind and leads to dependency.

Give specific praise. Avoid vagueness as it is boring, weak, fake, and gives space for misinterpretation. Use specificness to create emotion in anything you say. Concise is powerful.

Now what if you're having doubts on your ability to communicate or you're struggling to achieve that harmonious relationship? Here's the answer...

Build Your Identity And Change Yourself

Our identity is who we are. When we fail to change ourselves, the thing we tried to change is usually in conflict with our identity. Morals, or other behaviors, that are in conflict with our identity get avoided because we do not see ourselves as the person who does such actions.

Build an identity so that you see yourself as the person who does what you are trying to achieve.

Visualize. Dress in a way that is congruent with the identity. Stick up pictures related to your goals around your workstation. Hang around people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Act “as if” you are that person you want to be. Also, do whatever you can to see this future you desire in a way that is as great as possible. Make this an everyday ritual.

Once you build a strong identity that is congruent with who you want to become, there will be no doubt – just pure certainty – about doing what you once struggled to achieve. There is no question about doing the task because you will be the person who does what you once struggled to do. You will just do it.

And once you've built your identity, you're now more 'sure' of yourself and your ability to communicate with others. But don't take it too far...

For instance, there may be some occasions when we want someone to do something. And some people mistakenly resort to ordering others. But this is a definite No-No!

Giving an order shows a lack of confidence in others. Seeing people rebel against you only makes you lose more confidence in them, which makes you order and control them even more! So what can we do? Here's one effective solution...

Use The BFEQ Technique To Get What You Want

The BFEQ technique is made up of four components. The first three parts of the technique involve what BFE stands for: behavior, feeling, and effect. The final part, Q, involves making a request using a question.

The BFEQ technique can be summarized with the following outline: “When I see/hear [behavior]... I feel [feeling]... because [effect]...Would you be willing to (or 'Is it reasonable for you to')...[question]?”

A complete example is, “When I see my family members hitting each other, I feel distraught because I fear violence and need to see love. Would you be willing to solve the reason that makes you fight?” Very few people will ever experience the backlash effect when they hear this persuasive-assertive statement.

Use visual and auditory comments to help prevent you from passing judgments, be specific and state an actual feeling of the behavior while removing judgmental feelings, and express your needs to increase the chances of getting what you want.

You can put the BFEQ technique on steroids by adding a statement that expresses how the person will benefit when carrying out your request.

And of course, we all want to be people magnets who are well liked (and especially loved) by others. Here are some general tips to help you be more likeable...

5 Ways To Be A People Magnet

1) By letting people save face, correct themselves, solve the problem their way, or whatever it maybe, results in people feeling pleasure towards you and makes you a people magnet.

2) Similarity is one way of influencing a person to your way of thinking while reducing psychological reactance. Attentive listening skills to build understanding is just one effective way of gathering information about the person so you can build similarity. You can emphasize your similarities to create the illusion the two of you are similar.

3) You can be interesting by making statements that show you listen. Statements showing interest makes you interesting.

4) The powerful level of communication that you can have to make others comfortable around you is about being so comfortable with yourself, the people you are with, and the situation, that you sedate people into feeling great.

5) Avoid the most common phrase that is used to deflect a topic towards another topic for discussion, which is: “Speaking of...” As soon as you say those two words, or hear somebody say them, a trigger will now get flipped in your mind as you are able to identify the communication barrier of deflecting. Keep a lookout for that conversation killer and you will drastically improve your self-awareness and reduce the chances of you deflecting the conversation.

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Are you beginning to realize the tremendous impact that effective communication has in your relationships, career, business and personal life?

I admit I used to be a very weak communicator and even shake with nervousness whenever I'm with people. No kidding!

So I searched and researched extensively for anything that could help me relate to people, enjoy being with them, feel their love and respect, and communicate in a way that makes both of us feel like we're the best of friends.

One of the most helpful books I've read was 'Communication Secrets Of Powerful People.' It totally changed the way I treat people and the way others treat me (in a very positive way), and I couldn't be happier.

I was so impressed with the information being revealed (and amazed with my own transformation) that I collaborated with the creator, Joshua Uebergang, so I can get this communication breakthrough in the hands of as many people as possible.

Joshua Uebergang happens to be one of the world's top experts in communications and human relations. He has spent over 2 years and approximately 1000 hours to develop this program; and after reading it, you'll realize it's well worth his time and effort.

Fortunately, he gave me the sole license to spread the word about his masterpiece, which is fittingly called:

Communication Secrets Of Powerful People

It doesn't matter whether you're having trouble...

  • Communicating with anyone.
  • Expressing your feelings.
  • Persuading people to your way of thinking.
  • Socializing confidently.
  • Making lots of true friends.
  • Captivating the person of your dreams.

Communication Secrets of Powerful People will show you how to solve all of your communication issues and more! It contains 3 sections that addresses the 12 communication barriers...

The First Section: Judging (Chapters 1-4)

The judging section contains the first four communication barriers: criticizing, labeling, diagnosing, and praising. Here are a few techniques you are going to discover in this section:

How to play psychological judo and absorb ANY mental or emotional force someone throws at you... and convert it into a force that wins you their friendship (Learn the gentle and effective way of WINNING with people) - pg. 24
Do you want to become psychic so you can read someone's mind? This theory, explained by psychologists, is the next best technique to MIND-READING - pg. 67
The single greatest piece of advice to change people (Use this principle applied by the world's greatest leaders - like Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, and Sonia Gandhi - to change people) - pg. 36
Why criticizing someone is not their problem, but is 100% your problem (The hidden truth that your criticism is the "cancer" while their problem is a "cold") - pg. 22
5 step exercise you can do ANYTIME by yourself to solve a relationship or personal problem... In this case, it doesn't take two to tango (An exercise used by the world's greatest life coaches to achieve their goals regardless of other people and their circumstances) - pgs. 32 & 33
The 4 questions you MUST ask yourself EVERYTIME before giving feedback otherwise you'll start a fight or have the person quietly resent you - pg. 34
How to make "emotional deposits" into a person's "relationship bank" so you get a great return on investment in the form of love (Hint: This is not about being nice to people) - pg. 28
How to eliminate tidal waves crashing your life by transforming the destruction into waves for you to surf towards intimate relationships (Take advantage of those big problems that crash-down intimacy and love in your relationships) - pg. 30
How to COPE with, and CHANGE, people in more powerful positions than you, like a boss or controlling parent (A lesson from a 16th century poet in dealing with the Pope's poetry) - pg. 42
How to become CONFIDENT and free yourself from what other people think of you... At last, delete that evil voice that worries about people's judgments - pg. 27
8 "do or die" communication tips to give successful feedback and PERMANENTLY change a person's behavior (Your guide to help people grow!) - pgs. 35-39
One QUICK tip to INSTANTLY reduce the emotional intensity of any difficulty so you keep calm in an emotional storm - pg. 39
A simple, complete map is given to you detailing possible paths, including hidden backroads, that affect how people understand what you say (This is your solution if you've ever wondered why people don't understand what you intended to say) - pg. 46
The golden-rule of ALL relationships is a complete lie (Why treating people the way you would like to be treated is fools gold... and what you must do to start mining real gold in relationships) - pg. 50
3 answers explaining why people use "undercover" behaviors behind your back to secretly sabotage your reputation - pgs. 51-53
7 reasons people label and the appropriate solutions of each reason to completely eliminate this communication barrier and make it your communication secret (Get the right unique solution to solve this communication problem) - pgs. 53-55
How to communicate at a powerful, subconscious level most people don't see, but everyone INSTANTLY feels - pg. 56
How to get people seeing the BEST parts of your personality without bragging - pg. 60
Why playing the "relationship healer" is doing your relationships more harm than good (Women are often known to have this good intention, but they kill their relationships in the process) - pg. 67
A safe technique to "swat away" a persistent, bugging person... without causing any "blood stains" - pg. 104
What communication gurus and psychologists can't reveal to you that will help you CLEARLY understand people - pgs. 71 & 72
What women do that STOPS men from commitment and returning their love - pg. 75
A technique to FOREVER remain compatible with your partner so your love never expires (Update your "mental software" so you never go "out-of-date" with your partner) - pgs. 80 & 81
Why your relationship is set to sink faster than the Titanic before you speak one word (I've never heard of this in any book, tape, DVD, or seminar) - pg. 80
How to stop relationship gambling by guessing relationship problems... and finally learn to win this game of chance (Put the odds greatly in your favor where others are losing out big-time) - pg. 73
6 recent research studies by renowned developmental psychologist proves compliments, praise, and other nice words HURT children... The horrifying truth about this scary phenomena parenting and management experts have been lieing to you for decades - pg. 90
How to stop a person from rejecting your praise through statements like "It was nothing" or "You should thank others instead"... Overcome this frustrating situation where you try to help someone, but you get "pushed back" - pg. 104
The magical formula to make any praise, compliment, and encouragement, sincere, honest, and happily accepted - pg. 100
A life-changing exercise that will have you workout your praising muscles to become a strong, people magnet - pg. 109
How to ENERGIZE your mind and feel good ANYTIME someone treats you poorly (Tolerate bad people, develop a lively personality, and "rise above" emotional pain people place on you... without positive-thinking) - pg. 69
A GUARANTEED tactic, adapted from telecommunications in World War I, to charm people and take them "off their feet"... without saying or doing anything to them - pg. 105

The Second Section: Solving (Chapters 5-9)

The five solving barriers are ordering, threatening, questioning, moralizing, and advising. Here's some of what you'll learn in this section:

The EXACT system Joshua Uebergang uses to talk to ANYONE about ANYTHING - pgs. 174-179
How to create an army of loyal followers that want to be guided by your leadership (Most managers, leaders, and parents do the exact opposite to have their team turn on them in friendly-fire) - pg. 117
A fundamental law of physics that will supercharge your ability to get people doing what you want - pg. 119
A psychologist from Duke University has a counter-intuitive revelation as he discovers why order and control creates disorder and no control - pg. 120
Why an anti-tobacco company accidentally INCREASED teen smoking with their "Think. Don't Smoke." advertising campaign... and how you're accidentally making people do what you don't want them to do - pg. 120
4 tips gained from a study on college students in an exam to make people feel less threatened by you and get them liking you - pgs. 122 & 123
Signs and solutions of passive-aggressive behavior in people to eliminate this frustrating behavior, where people say they'll comply with you but they don't - pg. 124
The one question you must ask yourself to determine if aggressive behavior is good (Your simple question to safely play with verbal fire) - pg. 129
Why "old school" techniques like aggression are inferior to "new school" techniques discovered by world-leading psychologists that bring about lasting changing - pgs. 126 & 127
Express yourself and get people to do what YOU want with this clear, four-step technique (Your template to assertive-persuasion) - pgs. 130 & 131
When assertive skills are DANGEROUS and the lies communication skills trainers have been telling you about assertion (Includes a bonus technique to stop driving a one-foot knife into your relationships when you assert yourself) - pg. 128
How to effortlessly get what you want (A lesson from Mother Teresa on how she stopped violence without fighting against the violence) - pg. 135
How to EASILY change your emotions at WILL (Most people do the exact opposite and end up increasing the intensity of negative emotions like fear and worry) - pg. 137
How to get what you want in the short-term and long-term (Most persuasion experts only reveal to you how to get what you want in the short-term causing you to suffer in the long-term) - pg. 146
Why traditional behavioral changing techniques, like reward and punishment, are inferior (Techniques that train your dog aren't effective for changing human behavior) - pg. 147
How to create conversational bait that people cannot resist devouring to get them talking so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy great conversations - pg. 180
If you feel people are scared to talk with you, here's why... - pg. 147
4 SIMPLE ways to QUICKLY change someone's behavior - pgs. 148 & 149
How to ethically exploit our stereotypical tendencies to your persuasive benefit - pg. 152
A covert technique to secretly change someone's mind without them even noticing! - pg. 153
4 persuasion lessons from the FBI in over 100 hostage negotiations (Free yourself from hostage takers) - pg. 155
6 personality characteristics of top secret American interrogators that you can develop to extract the information you want from your "suspect" - pg. 156
How to keep your cool with these 7 listening skills from an FBI chief negotiator in crisis situations - pgs. 157 & 158
How to KEEP getting what you want... There's no need to stop once you get one thing you want (Napoleon Bonaparte ignored this, which ultimately destroyed the French emperor's reign of power) - pg. 159
The greatest myth about questioning... why questions actually KILL a conversation and throw your relationship into the grave - pg. 167
Stop hammering nail after nail into your relationship by trying to communicate more (This is your DEFINITE answer as to why you fail each time in getting someone to open up and communicate with you) - pg.
Make this error and you can expect your relationships to shut down faster than poorly designed software (Get your relationships running smoothly with no testing needed) - pg. 170
Ever felt like you were squeezing blood from a stone when asking someone questions and all they gave you was short answers? Here's why... - pg. 173
How to keep any conversation going and stop those awkward moments of silence... This technique will be your "life jacket" frequently saving you from drowning conversations (Hint: the technique is not questioning) - pg. 179
13 gems of advice for asking better questions to EFFECTIVELY mine information from people - pgs. 183 & 184
7 models of questioning to change people's minds... and improve your own mind - pgs. 185 & 186
How moralizing tears-out the "roots" of a relationship while morals embed deep-roots to STRENGTHEN a couple's relationship (The small difference between morals and moralizing has enormous effects on your relationships) - pg. 197
How to stop hostile relationships where you or your partner is a nitty-picker finding little faults in the other person that gradually destroys relationship-happiness (You will reignite a PASSIONATE love despite the faults we all have that will NEVER go away) - pgs. 199 & 200
A simple persuasive technique for your everyday communication to get people doing what you want from Christians that successfully fought against a Californian nudist beach.. without resorting to moralizing - pg. 211
When a person accepts what you say, happily nods to what you say, and is in agreement with what you say, covers up his or her true feelings and completely DISAGREES with you (You'll be surprised why this happens, but it'll make perfect sense once you know why) - pg. 204
What a woman can do to open up her man for more LOVE and CONNECTION (Women will moralize to their man with statements like "you should talk to me about your problems" but this often makes the man more determined to avoid talking) - pg. 211
At last, how to get someone SELF-MOTIVATED so they do what needs to be done on their own without you having to constantly tell them what to do - pgs. 212 & 213
How to BECOME SELF-MOTIVATED to achieve what you want - pgs. 214 & 215
Why people who need your advice the most are the ones who like it the least - pg. 225
I know you give people advice with good intentions to help them, but here is 4 reasons why your "nice present" paper wraps a relationship-explosive bomb (Don't let this gimmick device explode in somebody's face) - pgs. 230 & 231
How to have people gravitate to you for good feelings (Hint: this is not about being "nice" to people, giving compliments, or having a positive energy) -pg. 226
The childhood secret that explains why men and women are so different... and the exact lessons for each gender to UNDERSTAND one another (Men no longer have to be from Mars and women no longer have to be from Venus) - pgs. 227-229
One of my favorite communication skills that overcomes the myth that listening to a struggling friend will improve your relationship... discover what you should be doing instead of listening to make your friend love you while helping your friend solve their emotional difficulty - pg. 237
2 mind-control techniques to capture people's attention and get them thinking what you want them to think - pg. 145
How to go beyond the "tip of the iceberg" to UNDERSTAND 90% of a partner's problem you normally cannot see (Marriage counselors use this to DEEPLY understand their patients, give correct advice, and heal couples' relationships) - pg. 240
The unspoken cry for help when a person asks for your advice... and how to happily wipe away their hidden tears - pg. 237
How to get a loved one exploring their inner feelings, beliefs, and attitudes so the person is equipped with the right tools to build a LOVING relationship with you - pg. 238
2 core principles of parenting from years of developmental research that guarantee you'll raise a healthy, happy, independent child - pg. 236
A mind-trick to seduce, sell, or persuade someone without them even knowing they're "falling for you" - pg. 171
How to build a strong identity that life's earthquakes cannot destroy (Remain calm, and get through, disasters life throws at you ) - pg. 234

The Third Section: Avoiding (Chapters 10-12)

The third section is avoiding, and contains three barriers: reasoning, reassuring, and deflecting. Here's what you will uncover in this section...

An evolutionary and modern-day analysis of the 3 reasons we have ANY relationship with people, from friendship to marriage (You'll see why few relationships are a roaring fire of PASSION and most are merely a dwindling candle waiting to be extinguished) - pg. 253
Increase your status and feel important by knowing this secret language spoken by powerful, big players; while people with little status keep their head buried in the sand - pg. 255
The 13-step quick-guide to boost your emotional intelligence and become smart with people (Pass any test with people by studying this cheat sheet) - pgs. 271-273
What you MUST do if you're to keep your desired man or woman FOREVER (Miss this and he or she could go on to his or her next partner) - pg. 259
A conversational mistake you must avoid more than a plague to prevent the "black death" of your charisma and ability to influence people - pg. 304
Why empathizing is damaging your health... How a wonderful communication skill is putting your health at risk and what to do to immunize yourself against this problem - pg. 272
How to never "miss the point" again when someone talks about a confusing problem (Make people happy and feel understood) - pg. 254
How to "verbally hug" someone in their time of need - pg. 288
Why happiness and a positive attitude pulls a blind-fold over your relationship making the two of you lose sight of a fulfilling relationship (Students of personal development shoot themselves in the foot with this mistake) - pg. 285
How to AUTHENTICALLY fulfill someone's desire for importance to make them feel great - pg. 306
How to have a STRONG, stable identity to pull people towards you like the Earth's mass keeps people grounded - pg. 257
The dirty tactic men use to bypass their lady's emotions - leaving them feel disconnected and wondering why he doesn't listen (Know this "manly tactic" and you'll have your partner listening to you) - pg. 280
Remain safe, secure, in control of your relationships with the 8 elements of supportive communication that makes you a pillar of strong, stable relationships (Your COMPLETE guide to communication that strengthens people) - pgs. 289-295
The one word to remove from your language that spikes your kind words into a dangerous verbal mix... and one other word to replace it that will create a recipe where people feel ecstasy towards you - pg. 292
How to talk about yourself in an INTERESTING way that gets people liking you - pg. 309
How to "sync up" your thoughts and feelings with your partner's SECRET desires (A simple technique to give what your partner secretly HUNGERS for) - pg. 307
What you must START doing TODAY if you're to have great relationships tomorrow (You'll get high emotional and relationship returns by investing in this technique today) - pg. 310
Curiosity killed the cat and will kill your conversations (The shocking truth when interest in another person kills your conversations) - pg. 309
How to safely rescue someone, who just had their concerns drowned in a group conversation, and get them loving you... while not drowning yourself in the process (Includes a bonus step to receive an EXTRA brownie point and have the group in the conversation unknowingly like you more for what you did) - pg. 314
If you've ever had a mind-freeze where you can't think of anything to say in a conversation, this is your solution (Hint: the solution is a concept, not a silly technique, to guarantee you can continue a conversation for however long you want) - pg. 305
The 10 counter-intuitive laws of attraction to attract the partner you deeply desire and KEEP them for LIFE... The laws are also powerful to create animalistic urges in your current partner (The 10 laws will boggle your mind because they're exactly the opposite of what most romance, relationship, and communication experts teach) - pgs. 262-264

I know that's a lot of information, which will make you change people's minds and boost your charisma to build rock-solid relationships.

After all, it took Joshua over 2 years and approximately 1000 hours to develop this program, so you can be confident you'll discover and experience the results you want by investing in it.

"I Now Connect More Deeply To Family And Friends..."

"For my entire life I couldn't figure out why people I talked to reacted defensively by not talking to me, changing the subject, or getting angry over what seemed to be nothing.

After discovering just the advising communication barrier in 'The Communication Secrets of Powerful People' program, I learned I was triggering people to shut down or respond angrily to me.

I now connect more deeply to family and friends because of the course! I wish I had these communication secrets years ago as so much of my pain in relationships would've evaporated."

- Jyry Aalto from Finland

Fortunately for you, there's more in the program than what I shared above. I'm not sure how excited you are about this program, but you're going to be more so now with this delicious treat...

My Results-Driven Super Bonus: Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook

Joshua didn't create the program just so you can read about how to boost your charisma, increase your persuasion, improve yourself, and improve your relationships. He created it so you would discover the how-to and GET those results.

Because of this, he made the "Communication Secrets of Powerful People" ebook practical and created a workbook to get you from learning to being.

Firstly, there's a concise summaries of points and skills you need at the end of each chapter. This guarantees you won't forget what you read about, so you can begin getting the results you want from the program. (Unlike other programs and books where it's too easy to forget what you read.)

Second - and this is where rubber meets the road - is that your valuable bonus is a catalyst that is "injected" into the program to speed up your results.

Because this is a program that requires you to work on yourself, this is no magical formula akin to swallowing a weight loss pill to lose fat. You will get results only if you follow the communication skills program.

The workbook is split into three sections: 1) the psychology behind the workbook and how you will get the most out of the program with the bonus mind-tricks and techniques, 2) 41 easy-to-follow exercises, and 3) the 30 day communication secrets journal where you will write down your daily experience with any of the 12 communication barriers.

Briefly, in these sections you'll discover:

Psychological short-cuts you can use to feel good about improving your communication and get fast results - pg. 1
The secrets of LASTING MOTIVATION, further explored from the ebook, to guarantee you get the results you want - pg. 2
41 easy-to-follow exercises (3-4 exercises for each of the 12 chapters) that will make the communication skills and advice a part of you so you feel like your natural self and remain comfortable... The exercises are constructed from world-leading communication skills trainers, peak performance gurus, family therapists, psychologists' work with patients, and Joshua's personally effective strategies that make the program FUN (This treasure chest of exercises is your step-by-step guide to becoming the powerful person you want to be and creating the relationships you desire) - pgs. 5-17
Professionally designed worksheets to journal your progress as you see for yourself how your communication, charisma, persuasion, and relationships quickly improve - pgs. 19-48
The lazy-man's method to remove bad habits and start doing what you want to do... for as long as you would like - pg. 18

"This Is The Best Book I've Read..."

"Thank you for your quick answer, I'm reading your book CSoPP, its great. I've learned communication all my life (I'm now 63) and this is the best book I've read!"

- Ron Buikes

The 'Never Get Stuck' Bonus: Lifetime Support Anytime You Need It

If you're wondering how you will proceed if you ever get stuck or have any lingering questions on communication, then worry no more!

Top communication expert Joshua Uebergang will always be there to help you, answer your questions, give you advice and support you for as long (and as often) as you need it.

That will give you 100% peace of mind and security, wouldn't it?

If you hire a consultant, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for them to share their expertise. But Joshua is giving you his unlimited time and commitment to serve you when you need help anytime!

If you grab Communication Secrets Of Powerful People now, you get this lifetime consultation privilege for FREE! You probably already know how much of a no-brainer this is.

Here's What You'll Be Able To Achieve With The Help Of This Program...

Have people loving you more from your new ability to intimately understand them
Win you friends from your new personality that oozes charisma.
"Win" you arguments and fights... and have the other person also feel great (You'll create win-win results at times you'd previously create win-lose or lose-lose results)
Win people to your way of thinking.
Have you easily deal with difficult people, manage their defensive and attacking behaviors, and reduce negative emotions.
Help you express yourself so you no longer bottle-up your emotions.
Unleash your NATURAL personality so you don't need to fake any skills that don't feel like you.
Make you into a person that attracts the opposite sex... and have the partner you want, want you (You must know this... before it's too late when you find out your dream partner doesn't feel the same about you).
Have you steer any size group of people to where you want them (You will win crowds to your way of thinking and have them sticking up for you).
Have you spark emotional attraction to MAKE and KEEP your desired partner addicted to you.
Give you pure control of your emotions as you remain calm in the toughest emotional storms.
Cut yourself lose from the chains of manipulative individuals, controlling partners, or bossy managers (You'll be free from people who control you).
And Much More!

Imagine the surge of confidence you'd always have if you had just one of these abilities. You'd get what you want with people and give them what they want, YOU! This isn't selfish because people will love you for your charisma, how you understand them, and thank you for helping them get what they emotionally want.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but you know the power of effective communication in your life. Just one little tip you know, like avoiding destructive criticism - which you may have already experienced - wins you friends, improves your relationships, gets people on your side of thinking more easily, and much more. Just imagine what hundreds of these tips and secrets in this program can do for your life.

Here's what some readers have said about "Communication Secrets Of Powerful People "...

"Finding The Ideas Very Revealing..."

"I'm steadily reading through Communication Secrets and finding the ideas very revealing.

I'm only up to Diagnosing, so still a ways to go yet. All three of the first communication barriers are important to recognise, as will be the rest, I suspect. My biggest ah hah, however, was probably the following:

"Treating someone the way you would like to be treated is the greatest myth in relationships. The assumption that others want to be treated the same as you is a blueprint for relationship failure. You need to treat others the way they want to be treated."

This goes against the conventional wisdom, expressed often as "do unto others as you would do unto yourself" or something like that.

Great point. Thanks for checking in."

Matthew Young

"I Will Be Reading The Book And Using The Workbook Throughout The Rest Of My Life..."

"The Communication Secrets of Powerful People has come into my life at a perfect time as I'm dealing with several personal & business challenges.

What has stood out for me personally is the discipline of bracketing. "Understand to be understood" makes perfect sense. Unfortunately it has been a concept that has been outside of my awareness, until now!

I've only begun to scratch the surface with what I'm learning and I can tell that I will be reading the book and using the workbook throughout the rest of my life.

Thank you

Michael Perez

"A Very Interesting Blend Of Communication, Conflict Resolution And Personal Growth Material..."

"You've pulled together a very interesting blend of communication, conflict resolution and personal growth material."


"Better Than Any Dale Carnegie Or Robert Greene Book..."

"Rock on Bro. Thanks Josh.

This program is better than any Dale Carnegie or Robert Greene book, thank you."

Sergio Lopez

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Now you know the power packed into the complete communication skills program to amplify your charisma, boost your persuasion skills, and enhance the quality of your relationships, one question remains:

The Critical Question: Is This Program The One For You?

This program may or may not be for you depending on how you meet the criteria below. Either way, it's okay. I understand the program is not for everyone.

I believe everyone will get a lot out of the program - because everyone communicates, has relationships, and can improve themselves to be a charismatically persuasive individual. Because of this, you can see if the program is for you by seeing if it's NOT for you.

Who The Program Is NOT For:

1. Beginners in personal development or communication skills.

Most communication skills and personal development experts teach the same old, beginner material. If you don't already know basic communication skills, like simple listening skills or how to ask a decent question, the program may be too advanced for you.

The program is filled with never-before-seen techniques and advice on communication, charisma, persuasion, psychology, relationships, and lasting transformation.

This is a new program that contains all of Joshua's breakthrough discoveries from reading, listening, watching, and talking with world-leading experts in communication and personal development.

Though the language used in the program is simple and easy to implement, to get the most out of the program it helps to already know a little about communication and personal development.

2. Someone who is satisfied with his or her life and communication.

If you're one of the rare individuals satisfied with your ability to easily make friends, create quality relationships, remain calm in difficult situations, and influence coworkers and business associates when you want, this program is not for you.

If you're satisfied with what you've got, there's no point changing what's working. If you're reading this, that shows yourself there is something in your life you're not satisfied with and you're searching for a solution.

3. Someone who doesn't have an open mind.

I prefer not to do business with you if you're such a person. If you're resistant to learning new techniques and prefer to stick with what you've got, please go elsewhere because everything you'll learn is about crafting you into a better person with PERMANENT change.

Overall: if you don't already have basic knowledge of some communication skills... if you are satisfied with your life and communication... or if you don't have an open mind... don't invest in the program because it's probably not the one for you.

If you aren't in the three above categories, like most people who would be reading this, the program is for you.

How Much Does The 'Communication Secrets Of Powerful People' Program Cost?

So let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get the success you want with people and yourself?

How much is it worth to you to improve your communication skills? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? Much more? Most people I know say it's priceless.

Having tension from poor communication with coworkers causes mistakes, inefficiency, and absenteeism. In your family, it could cause divorce, emotional distance, and fights.

You saw the cost of poor communication for yourself earlier on. You already feel the value of the solution to these problems of yours.

Joshua has spent around 1,000 hours and over 2 years to create this program (along with the emotional pain, fights with loved ones, and frustration from misunderstandings).

I don't want you to go through the same experience to get the communication solutions you're after when I've already found them. You wouldn't mine for metals and cut down trees all yourself to build a house when experts have done it for you.

You will deal with people for the rest of your life. You will deal with yourself every moment of your life. Make both of these pleasurable. It's your choice whether your conversations with people go the way YOU want.

Joshua can rightfully charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for revealing this information. But because I'm his good friend - and because both of us love to improve the lives of as many people as possible - he has allowed me to give you his entire 'Communication Secrets of Powerful People' system (which includes the eBook, the Workbook and lifetime support) at a ridiculously low, one-time investment price of only $47!

Why such a low price despite the high value of the materials? Since there's no printing and inventory costs (everything's in downloadable format), I'm passing on the savings to you. You win, I win, and everybody's happy! :-)

Warning! This is a very special offer that may end anytime (Anytime either means tomorrow, next week, or any date when you least expect it). Please don't contact me if the price increases to $97 or higher, because I'm a man of my words.. I hope you understand.

Only $47 If You Order Today
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"The Downloads Came Thru Perfectly..."

"The downloads came thru perfectly. I wanted to say thank you for the bonus books also. The bonus books themselves are over hundreds of dollars. We'll talk again. God bless and again thank you."

- George Contreras from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

My 100% No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Guarantee! I'll Take the Risk Here, NOT You.

If you're not 100% thrilled or satisfied with your investment (for any reason or even no reason at all), then I insist you get ALL your money back. I won't even ask you why and I certainly won't get crossed. Plus, you get to keep everything as my way of saying "THANKS!" for giving it a try. That's my personal promise.

You will be instanty directed to the Download Page once your order is confirmed, so you can start developing your communication skills immediately. No waiting involved.

As I said, if you're not 100% thrilled with your purchase for any reason, or even for no reason at all, just contact me at mike-AT-realcommunicationsecrets.com (replace -AT- with @) within 60 days from date of purchase and I'll issue a full refund.

"Communication Secrets of Powerful People" e-Book and Workbook are in PDF format. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the e-Book. We'll give you the link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on the download page.

I sincerely believe your life will change tremendously if you learn and apply the techniques in this program. But I also know how easy it is to put off making a decision.

That's why I set up the dirt cheap price and the 100% money-back guarantee -- to make it entirely risk-free and a complete "no-brainer" for you to take advantage of this special offer.

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Only $47 If You Order Today

Wishing You The Very Best Of Success,

Michael Lee
Certified NLP Practitioner
Honored Member of the American University of NLP
Certified Life Coach
Certified Hypnotist
Professional Copywriter
Co-Author of '101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, Vol. 3'

P.S. To give you 100% assurance of its effectiveness, I would gladly refund all your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason, or even for no reason at all. It's either you get the value of your investment many times back by applying the powerful techniques in this course, or you don't pay anything.

Only $47 If You Order Today
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